Tea Bag Boxes

There is nothing worse than having a disorganized kitchen. Once you have bought some tea bags, you need to have them organized on the counter top for you to reach them easily. Tea bag boxes are cute accessories for tea lovers and having one of these to hold your tea bags on your counter top is a plus. They are made from all materials possible. You can buy these from your local store or make them if you have the time. You can make tea bag boxes from locally available material and play around with your creativity to come up with the best. If you have kids, you can involve them in this and maybe bet some color papers from the store and use them to make tea bag boxes. You don't have to turn your home up side down for material to make tea bag boxes. More than enough households have greeting cards that they have not gotten rid of since time immemorial and these can serve as excellent material for your tea bag boxes. Instead of throwing them away, you can use these to make tea bag boxes. Making tea bag boxes from paper is cute and fun but temporary as they are subject to wear and tear. The other alternative you have is buying one of the many wooden tea bag boxes from your local store. The wooden tea bag box is a great organizer as it is divided into several compartments in which you can store your tea bags according to the flavors or shape.

Wooden tea bag boxes are made from softwood which is most of the time bamboo so you don't have to worry about destroying the environment. Most of the bamboos used to make these items are actually commercially grown for this purpose. It looks great on the counter with its natural grains and is just the right size for the tea bags. If varnished, it looks even better and can be an object of curiosity for those that don't have one. If you are a handy person, you can make this one for yourself. Instead of throwing all the tea bags in some big bowl somewhere, this bamboo tea bag box is perfect for storing your tea bags. There are tea bag boxes made of synthetic material which is also cute as it has the compartments to fit in your tea bags and are available in many colors.