Tea Bag Folding

You have probably heard a lot about different kinds of paper crafts but it is doubtful that you know anything about the tea bag folding. Of course if you would like to learn a lot of new and interesting facts about that sort of paper craft then you just need to read the article.

Let's first start with telling you the story of the tea bag folding. It is thought that the idea of the paper craft was born in Holland and was "invented" by a woman whose name was Tiny Plaas. She was invited to a birthday party and was wondering what kind of a unique birthday card she could give. While she was thinking about that she was nervously folding a tea bag and later suddenly she saw that she had created something extremely beautiful! Don't you think it is a wonderful story which sounds like a fairytale?

However, let's leave the "magic" story aside and pay more attention to the activity of tea bag folding. You will not believe how difficult it could be and will even start wondering how lucky Tiny Plaas was to create something like that by accident. Anyway, the main reason why the tea bag folding is so difficult is that there are hundreds of techniques which have to be known. However, what is even more complicated is that in some cases nearly all of the techniques should be combined so that a beautiful "birthday card" could be made!

And of course, techniques are not everything you should know about the tea bag folding. You should be familiar with the materials and equipment which you will need. Those are usually a cutting mat, ruler, craft knife (which needs to be very well-sharpened), scissors and glue. As you can see all of the materials are extremely important and you definitely cannot do without any of them!

Once you have learned the techniques of bag tea folding and have the necessary equipment, you need to cut out the images you had chosen as they need to be in the shape of a square. Then you have to fold each square according to the technique you have learned and then glue all parts together so that you create a paper craft which is unique and beautiful. Once you learn new techniques and become better you will be astounded by the beauty you can create just by folding tea bags.