Tea Bag Machine

Tea is a beverage that is used all over the world. It is a drink that has been into use for nearly ten centuries. Over the years the process of brewing tea has become simpler and simpler in this fast paced world. Brewing tea leaves is a very lengthy process and hence tea bags were introduced. First tea bags were made of silk or muslin cloth with tea dust in then which could be just dipped into hot water and then later drunk as tea. These days it comes with a porous paper and a string on the top of the little bag to dip the tea inside hot water to transform it into tea. Tea bags first came into to operation in America. Later tea bags were rationed during the world war two. Tetley was the first tea company to have produced tea bags. They launched it in the uk and it was an immediate success. Later Lipton introduced tea bags. These days' tea bags not only come with the traditional or standard flavors such as black, yellow, green and white teas but also with a mixture of various other elements called flavored tea or herbal tea.

Tea bags were first hand sewn with silk muslin bags in the year 1903 when it first started. Later tea bag machines were invented that sealed the paper fiber tea bags. The paper used in the tea bag is a blend of vegetable and wood fibers. The tea bag machines help seal the tea bag with the special paper. The tea bags obtained their rectangular shapes only in the year 1930. The top tea bag machine companies in the world are MAI from Mar del Plata, Argentina, TEEPACK from Meerbusch, Germany and IMA from bologna Italy. These companies focus on customer satisfaction and innovative styles which have lead them to be the top most tea bagging companies in the world. A standard tea bagging machine can seal up to 120 rectangular bags per minute with 3.3 grams of tea in a tea bag. So it is also favorable to pack herbal teas. Nowadays innovation has lead to the creation of pyramidal and circular tea bags. Tecnomeccanica an Italian company can pack up to 250 pyramidal bags. These days' tea bag machines have become very common and producing tea has become a whole new industry.