Tea Bag Packing

A tea bag is nothing but a little bag or probably a pouch filled with tea leaves to prepare a cup of tea. These bags were very famous for the way they were packed for preparing that cup of tea. These types of tea bags were famous in countries like Canada, US and also in United Kingdom.

In the early days tea bags used to be hand sewn that is around 1903. However around the year 1904 a tea trader named as Thomas Sullivan from New York did the marketing and shipping of tea bags almost around the entire world. Then a tea bag machine was later invented so that the bags sewed by hands could be replaced.

The purpose of tea bag basically is brew tea made from tiny porous paper silk bags or nylon filled with tea leaves. Tea bags also have a string attached with a labeled paper on it. These are available in various patterns and also various shapes which like a square or a rectangular one along with the flavor and brand name and mentioned on it. They are also available in different kinds of tea which includes the herbal tea. Paper that is used for preparing these tea bags are basically found in milk or coffee filters that are made from the fibers of vegetables and wood.

MAI is one of the top company's worldwide manufacturing tea bags. They have their customers in around 78 countries. The machine they have can make almost 120 bags in a minute. The machines used by Italian companies are even faster as they can easily pack around 250 bags in a minute. Person known as Thomas Lipton initiated his own company in the year 1915 which is known as Lipton Tea Co. and got the patent for a tea bag which was four sided and hence called as the flo-thru during the year 1952.

When tea bags started off initially they were either square or the rectangular ones but then later on there were the pyramidal and circular ones as well which were introduced in the markets. The manufacturers claimed that the brew quality would definitely improve. Nowadays you can find unfilled tea bags easily available in the market with an open end pouch a having a flap so that the customer has a choice to fill in tea leaves as per their taste and needs.