Tea Bag Papers

The very first tea bags were invented in 1903. This was further commercialized in 1904. These tea bags were hand sewn silk muslin bags. They were promoted by selling them to various tea as well as coffee shops where the public at large would be able to get a better taste of the invention. Initially tea was sold in loose form and thus was very inconvenient to use. Thus the inventions of tea bags were largely accepted by the general public.

The present day tea bags are made of paper fiber. The reason behind main the paper bags out of paper fiber is to enable the bag to withstand high temperatures. This heat sealed bag was first invented by William Hermanson. Later he sold the patent rights to the Salada Tea Company in1930.

Teas are of an immense variety, such as green tea, herbal tea, black tea, oolong ten etc, are now easily available in tea bags. Tea bags generally consist of the left over tea leaves and remains after the sale has been made for quantities of loose tea, which is given priority over tea bags. But some companies are now selling tea bags that contain whole leaves. This is done so as they claim that the flavor and strength of the tea varies, whether or not the leaf used is a whole leaf or just a part a part of a leaf.

The papers used in making these tea bags are the same kind that you would find in filters of milk etc. They are semi porous and are made from vegetable fiber and wood. Heat resistant tea bags have a layer or 2 of P V C or polypropylene inside as well as on the outside.

Tea bags are mainly rectangular in shape. But these days' bags are being available in circular and pyramidal shapes. These bags are mainly used to brew tea. The amount of adhesive that is required to stick the bag is going on reducing with each advancement in technology. There are also bags that are empty that are available in the market. Theses enable the customers to fill how much ever tea leaves that they may want. This saves the tea leaves from going waste. Tea bags also come with a string that is attached on the end which hangs out of the cup. This has made it even more convenient to use tea bags, as they can be dipped according to ones taste.

Tea bag has definitely made our life easier and helps us make the right cup of tea whenever and where ever.