Tea Ball Infuser

Tea Bags have been long for tens of years now. But for most people, bagged tea does not really provide the same kind of nourishment that the leaves themselves do. And this is what brought forth the invention of tea infusers. They are designed to hold tea leaves in them as brewing takes place. Their mechanism allows for easy opening and closing, to create the convenience of placing and removing tea leaves. Tea ball infusers are among the more common ones. The term 'ball' is included to describe the design of the infuser which is usually round, conical, oval, spherical or cylindrical.

Tea ball infusers come in a variety of designs. Some are made from mesh material, or perforated metal. A chain is included to enable retrieval from a cup or a tea pot easier. There are variations in size since depending on the amount of tea leaves the infuser is supposed to hold. But it is very important that the mesh holes or perforations are big enough to let liquids in, but small enough to discourage the leaves from passing through. For those that do, a tea restrainer is needed to get rid of the leaves before the brewed tea is served.

A tea ball infuser can be used to brew a solitary cup, or several cups of tea if desired. Basically, tea leaves are put in the infuser, which is then locked and dipped in the cup or pot. After the desired strength is achieved, it is retrieved, the leaves disposed. After washing it can be used all over again. When filling the leaves, one is advised to only do so halfway. The reason for that is that room is needed for the leaves to expand once water sips in. If all filled up, the leaves are not really all used up which leads to longer brewing time.

The popularity of tea ball infusers started way back in the 19th century with the British. It has become a household necessity for the folks that enjoy a regular cup of tea. It is often preferred as an alternative to tea bags. Unlike tea bags, loose tea often has a larger selection of flavors. And when it comes to health benefits, you get more of them from drinking tea brewed directly from the leaves than opting for bagged tea.

Tea ball infusers are cheap, with the price ranging from $2-$10 on the average. Stainless steel is often the material of choice when it comes to making them.