Tea Brewing Basket

A tea brewing basket or a tea infuser serves the same purpose of a tea strainer. The tea brewing basket is typically placed in the tea pot or a mug. The basket has a mesh which is usually a double twilled stainless steel filament in a heat tolerant plastic frame. The mesh traps all the small sized tea particles. The brew baskets come in a variety of sizes and are so designed to be able to fit most teapots and mugs. Using a brew basket is a very convenient way to brew any type of tea or herbal infusion.

The depth of the brew basket is designed to allow a generous flow across giving room to the tea leaves to expand fully.

The brew basket has a snug lid which acts as a drip tray. Due to the ideal heating process of the stainless steel filament the brew basket turns a golden.

Tea brewing needs some careful technique and pre-preparation. Some initial preparation before the actual process of tea brewing will yield a good cup of tea. The water to be used for boiling should be fresh, soft water and not hard water or even distilled water. Water should be brought to a roiling boil and not over boiled. Over boiling of water will dissipate air bubbles which will flatten the beverage and result in an adversely tasting tea.

Some prior preparation of the tea pot used in brewing of tea will also be beneficial for getting a tasty tea later. Ideally the tea pot can be pre heated by pouring a little amount of boiling water in to it and allowing it to stand for some time.

Generally about 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves are used for every 8 ounces of water.

To achieve a stronger flavor some more tea leaves can be added.

Brewing tea in a brew basket is very convenient. When one is using a new blend of tea leaves and wishes to determine the best brew time, it is easy to pull out the brew basket from the teapot to stop infusion or reinsert the brew basket if a stronger flavor is desired. The resulting tea is a clean beverage of one's taste as the fine mesh of the brew basket will trap even the minute tea leaves.

Cleaning a brew basket is very easy. Just by rinsing it in hot water will leave the brew basket thoroughly clean. Most tea drinkers own a tea brewing basket. The brew basket also make ideal gifts to tea lovers.

Tea brewing baskets come in many sizes and fit even travel mugs and tumblers. They make ideal traveling company with you and help you to brew your favorite tea even during your travel.