Tea Brewing Systems

Brewing tea is not very difficult; all you have to do is follow simple guidelines. There are five criteria's which are followed for brewing tea - the quality of tea, a proper proportion of tea and water, quality of water and the boiling point and the brewing time.

Select superior quality tea which is made from fresh tea leaves that have been least exposed to air. Generally, for teaspoon of tea 5.5 ounce of water is used. The Chinese in ancient time's immersed tea in spring water. But in modern times spring water would be hard to locate. Therefore you could use bottled or tap water. Tap water in some cities is not free from chlorine. If you are using boiled water see that it has just reached the boiling point as over boiled water does not open the tea leaves adequately and thereby does not give out fragrance and taste to its fullest. It is better to keep the tea hot as this way the fragrance and taste of tea get better.

Infusion time is the next important step. The infusion time of every tea differs. Large twisted leaves need more time as compared to small flat leaves. However, in every tea it is the caffeine that escapes the leaves of the dried tea. At this stage chemicals that give every tea leave fragrance and taste are dissolved. Time the infusion as over-infusion will result in bitter tea and under-infusion a dull tea. Therefore keep a timer in case you get involved or busy with something else. Nonetheless, an additional 30 seconds is not going to ruin your tea. Once ready discard the dry leaves from the pot or even better you could sieve it. Ensure that the device that you use to remove the leaves is clean. If not, unwanted substances will affect the fragrance and taste of the tea.

Stir the tea prior to serving as this will distribute the tea evenly in the pot. Tea can be brewed thrice if you are not using the infuser. Do not try it the fourth time as tea would taste just like water. The first brew will give you the best tea. After the first round you may add a little more hot water while brewing the second and the third.

If you wish to add flavor add lime juice or milk after pouring the tea. Brewing tea takes time which unfortunately many of us do not have today. Any day you have some time on hand and the desire to personally brew tea arises, these tips will serve as guidelines for you.