Tea Cups Sets

Collecting tea cup sets is a traditional hobby. Tea cup sets collectors showcase their tea cups in dinning room cabinets and shelves or hang them on hooks and walls in the kitchen. Collecting tea sets and teapots are also a part of their collection.

Unlike in the past when cups and saucers were used, today most of us use mugs for our everyday beverage. Saucers were basically used to place the spoon after stirring or adding sugar to the tea. Tea bags were also placed on the saucers to avoid spoiling of table or tablecloth. Tea cups sets come in sets of six all in identical designs along with teapot, sugar and creamer bowl that would match the cups.

There is a distinction between tea and coffee cups. Coffee is served in a mug and teas cups are used for serving tea. Tea cups have also remained a standard measurement for measuring ingredients. Many homemakers also use coffee mugs when the need to measure something in large amounts arises.

Tea cups sets make suitable gifts for bridal showers, as women are known to love and cherish them. Some even consider them as prized possessions and pass them down to the next generation.

For some tea cups revive memories of the past. It could bring back memories of some old tea party they had in their childhood or a reminiscence of their first tea set.

Stoneware bowls, the earliest utensils which were used for serving beverage in Asia was considered risky by Europeans as without the handle they would find it difficult to prevent the hot liquid from not spilling over. That is how bowls with handle came up. Gradually porcelain cups started getting popular with France becoming its leading manufacturer and by the 1800 bone china was introduced and popularly used.

In olden days it is the tea carts that held porcelain tea cups, saucers, plates and tea pots; these were all covered by a white linen cloth. People would socialize over a cup of tea. Tea ups symbolized beauty and feminism and were usually available in pastel colors. Time tea cups would often be the topic of discussion - from which country it was bought from and from which era it belongs to.

It is the British who popularized the tea party culture. A tea party during this time would consist of tea cups and coffee mugs, teapot, coffee pot, tea canister, saucers, sugar bowl, creamer, spoons and tray.