Tea Infuser Cup

There are many people who just love drinking tea. They drink tea several times a day and definitely cannot do anything during the day if they do not get the needed "dose". We could give the British as an example because most of them drink tea four or even five times a day which probably sounds incredible to all people who consume tea only when they are sick.

I bet that you are wondering how they could possibly find time to prepare so many teas. They must be super fast at the preparation or they must have found a very easy and quick way. Can you guess which one is the truth?

The secret is in the tea infuser cups. Have you ever heard of them? If not, we can easily fix that by giving you a lot of information about them and where you could get them from. Let's first describe how a tea infuser cup looks- when you see it the first thing which you will probably notice is the metal (or plastic) cylinder which is fastened to the top of the cup. This way when you pour the tea, you will be able to separate the tea leaves from the brew.

This way you can prepare the beverage everywhere- all you need is your tea infuser cup, tea leaves and hot water. You just need to put the leaves in the hot water and then pour the tea in the infuser cup. The tea leaves will not pass through the cylinder but only the freshly-prepared tea. It was very easy, wasn't it? Of course you will not need a tea infuser cup if you use only one of the herbal teas in bags. The bags usually never tear apart and you will not drink tea with hundreds of leaves "swimming" in the cup! However, if you are real tea admirers you would never consume those teas in bags with dried leaves.

Hopefully, you have figured it out how many benefits the tea infuser cups give us. And it will also save you money because you will not need to buy tea infusers which are usually much more expensive. If you do not believe me, we will just compare the prices: an infuser tea cup costs around $6 whereas a middle-sized (10 inches in diameter) infuser will cost you around $15. That is almost three times more!

And if you do not know where you can get a tea infuser cup from, I would recommend you to visit a couple of websites and choose the cup which you like most. There is really a great variety and you may even find yourself spoilt for choice!