Tea Infuser Mugs

Tea is a very popular drink, all round the world. Though tea is more popular in Asia, yet it is being enjoyed on a daily basis around the world. Tea is also being enjoyed at work, with most of the people preferring tea or green tea due to its health benefits. Because of its popularity, people would like to have some convenient equipment too get their favorite tea brewed without any additional mess or fuss at their respective work places. The tea pot is a wonderful equipment to brew tea, but it is quite bulky too and does not suit the office at atmosphere at all, if you are carrying it to brew just your individual cup of tea. Further more, it requires the use of additional stuff like the tea strainers and this again adds to the paraphernalia, which you need to carry to office. Most of the guys who love tea, actually find it embarrassing to carry such a huge kit to office to get the tea brewed for them selves. Considering the fact that, tea takes time to get brewed, using a tea pot to brew tea, means spending additional amount of time in the kitchen, which simply is not feasible in the work atmosphere.

So how do you get your tea brewed and enjoy it too? Simple- Use a tea infuser mug. Tea infuser mugs are extremely expedient and quite compact too. Suited exactly to the office atmosphere, these tea infuser mugs are so stylish and non messy that you could very well get your tea brewed even while getting your office work done. You do not even have to leave your office desk to brew your tea. The tea infuser mug has a glass cup below which is attached to a strainer and brewer above. This means that there is no need to further strain the tea brewed by the tea infuser mugs.

They are so expedient that they need only hot water to be filled on to the brewing chamber. You can put the tea leaves in the brewing chamber and then you need to add just the hot water. The tea gets brewed and also gets strained through the in built strainer. So that the user gets only clear tea in to the glass cup which is attached below the brewer. The tea infuser mugs are also very conveniently cleaned and refilled too. The tea leaves can be disposed off easily and again the new ones can be filled.