Tea Infuser Spoon

Tea infuser spoons are one of the various types of tea infusers. Tea infusers are tiny containers that take the form of baskets. They come with perforations and a hinged opening. The infusers are mostly used by those people who prefer to use loose tea as opposed to using tea bags. The loose tea is put into the tea infuser; it is closed and lowered into a tea pot. After this is done, someone must then pour very hot into the pot.

The perforations allow for the water to brew the tea leaves. All tea infusers come with a hooked chain that enables the user to remove the infuser from the tea pot any time they want to. The hook is usually slipped over the rim for easy retrieval; this makes it easy to strain the tea leaves. The tea infuser spoon is mostly used to prepare one cup of tea. It takes the form of two perforated spoon fused together. Most tea infusers are made from stainless steel but you can purchase silverware or porcelain in you want.

Other names have been given to this kitchen tool. Some people refer to it as a tea maker, egg or even ball. It is one of the most important kitchen equipment for those who fancy a good cup of tea frequently. They are very helpful when you need to make a cup of tea using busted tea bags.

This kitchen appliance functions in the same way a tea bag does. It is not uncommon to purchase tea infusers that come with circular tea bags. Tea Infuser spoon can be generalized as meshed containers that are designed to look like spoons. These mashed spoons come in various sizes and are used to brew tea using loose tea leaves. Some tea infusers take the shapes of sphere, circles or cylinders. There is a model of the appliance that looks like a sphere that has been split with tong handles to open the perforated area.

The infuser is ideal for preparing tea using loose tea leaves. They prove useful because the preparation process takes place without, and tea leaves spilling into the boiling water. The only problem is if the size of the mesh is not small enough to ensure that not tea leaves get into the pot. In case there is some tea leaves in the tea pot they can be strained using a tea strainer.