Tea Leaf Bags

Tea is packed in various forms. The most common are tea bags and loose tea leaves packed in containers and then the tea leaves are added to the cup of water and then sieved to eliminate the particles from the tea before consuming.

Packing the tae in little tea bags makes it easy to serve as each consumer can have the flexibility of choosing the amount of tea they want in their cup of tea. The tea bags are also designed with strings to help suspend the tae bag from sinking into the mug. Some people love their tea moderate while others like their tea very concentrated. By using tea bags you can be able to add any amount of tea at your convenience until you achieve your desired taste.

As much as tea bags are quite popular, some people feel that the tea confined in tea bags do not get the chance to mix well in the cup and as such the tea fails to get the desired taste that comes from the usual brew that involves the adding of the tea in to the brewing pot and letting it brew to its full temperature.

If you were to look at the two options, thus loose tea leafs and the tea bags in economic sense, the loose tea leafs would be more cost effective since almost all stores sell the tea bags at a costly price when compared to the cost of loose leaf tea in containers, the only inconvenience perhaps comes from the fact that you may have to take the trouble of filtering the leaves once your tea is brewed to full taste. Some other concerns from the tea bags are the materials used to make the tea bags. Some people fear that the tea bags might at times be made out of dangerous materials that may end up depositing some impurities in your tea, a move that may endanger your life.

Due to the fear of contamination and the obvious knowledge that paper especially from the traditional source of wood is becoming rare and expensive, most people would rather go for the loose leaf tea to reduce the risk of desertification as well as the fear that the tea bag may be made from some synthetic materials that may end up causing harm to the consumer. If this was not a major concern, the tea bags would remain quite popular especially because you do not have to spend extra time filtering your drink once brewed.