Tea More Caffeine Coffee

There are a whole lot of people who consume caffeine more than what is considered healthy and moderate. As we all know caffeine addicts are more prone to stomach ailments, cardiovascular diseases, increased inflammation and calcium deficiency. But if you wish to curb the intake of caffeine without forsaking your cherished morning beverage try the following tips to reduce the consumption of caffeine without any withdrawal symptoms.

It becomes easy to lower the intake of caffeine when you have home made tea. All you have to do is use decaffeinated and caffeinated tea bags when making your brew. Example if you are using eight bags of tea for every pitcher decrease the use of caffeine by limiting the caffeinated tea bags to six and the decaffeinated tea bags to two. Next, start reducing it to four each and so on till you completely switch to decaffeinated tea.

In case you are among those who purchase tea at restaurants you may not have any decaf options. Under such circumstances all you can do is lower or limit the caffeine intake by ordering small cups. The best option nevertheless is to make tea at home and carry it in reusable bottles.

Switching over to decaf directly is often accompanied by headaches, fatigue and snag in energy. Therefore the best option is to switch to semi caffeinated coffee before you transform completely to decaf coffee.

Whether you want to completely get rid of caffeine or want to just consume a notch this suggestion will lower your consumption of caffeine without even you realizing it.

Undoubtedly, caffeine does act as a stimulant and acts as an energy booster, but simultaneously its ill-effects on the health are more than what you presume. Besides cardiovascular problems, inflammation and high blood pressure, issues like weight management, dental problems are linked to its consumption too.

Caffeine coffee is known to dehydrate the drinker, to avoid this consume plenty of water. You could also consider a Vitamin B supplement to boost metabolism. To maintain good health being aware of one's body limitations and sticking to it is necessary.

However if caffeine does not seem to bother you by all means can continue with it, but monitor the quantity that you consume during the day as addiction is bad. Take you own decision and decide what you can and cannot handle. Individuals susceptible to side-effects of caffeine have the decaf option.