Tea Of Life

Tea is one of the healthiest beverages there are- no doubts about that. But tea does not necessarily mean that it is limited to one species of plant. Tea of life for instance, specializes in production of tea from the Semi-Contra herb. It is naturally growing in the southern west region of the world, more so South and Central America. Throughout history, the herb has been used for medicinal purposes. Its health boosting effects are apparent especially when it comes to fighting off parasites and parasitic infections. The leaves and stems of the herb, which is the source of tea of life, are fully suitable for human consumption.

The Mexican tea as it is sometimes called has its leaves, stems and buds harvested for brewing of tea. Although consuming the leaves and stem as a vegetable is among the list of options of how the herb can be ingested, tea is among the most interesting ways. Most of its health benefits are gained this way. It has no traces of caffeine, is rich in antioxidants and lacks gluten which is good news. The myriad of benefits range from the familiar, e.g. aiding in weight loss, promoting gastro-intestinal health, controls high blood pressure and therefore aids in maintaining good cardiovascular health and encourages wounds to heal faster. Basically all reasons indicate why one should adopt a habit of drinking tea of life in the natural as an everyday beverage.

Sri Lanka produced tea, sometimes known as Ceylon is grown in the highest region of the country. Is processed under the name tea of life, and may as well fit to this context. When it comes to processing of this tea, all the time tested methods have withstood. The leaves are rolled so that oxidation can be allowed to take place to the primal level where after the processing can continue. It's in the processing that such things as flavor, quality, taste and aroma of the tea are determined.

Tea of life tea is available as tea bags and loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is preferred by the traditional folk because of the convenience it offers when it comes to the selection of the brewing strength. There are those teas with added flavors which are meant to increase the taste spectrum of tea of life. There is organic tea of life of course, for the folks that like products that are 100% untainted by artificial chemicals and additives.