Tea Pot And Cup

A teapot and cup is used for brewing and drinking a hot drink such as tea. This is a combination of the tea pot with the tea cup, so that the process of brewing tea does not have to be separate from the process of enjoying it. This particular tea pot and cup equipment helps the tea lover to brew the tea and drink it too, even while sitting at the desk of his office. There is no need to get up and go to the kitchen to brew a cup of tea. This tea pot and cup has 2 different parts. The tea pot sits above the cup and is balanced on the rim of the cup.

The tea pot can be used to brew the tea and can also allow the user to stir the tea if required. As soon as the desired strength of the brew is reached, the user can just lift the tea pot using its handle and keep it aside. The liquid in the tea pot percolates to the cup below through the floor of the tea pot which has minute holes. And it will allow only the liquid to pass through. The sediments are held back because of the tiny size of the tea pot floor holes. The tea decoction which accumulates in the cup can be drunk using the cup beneath and the cup comes with a spout too.

There are a variety of materials in which these tea pots and cups are available and can be made of ceramic ware, porcelain, pewter, tin, steel, iron, plastic, English bone china, glass etc. The shapes are also quite diverse and can range from the shape of a tea pot or may be like the shape of a leaf, shape of a flower; shape of an animal or in any shape which you could probably imagine.

There are a multiplicity of designs and pattern to be had. You are the paramount evaluator to decide what is best for you. You can as well have 2 or 3 dissimilar sets of these tea pots and tea cups which can be interchanged. Or you can have a separate pattern or design kept out-of-the-way independently, and to be used while engaging visitors. But if you would like to generate a permanent impression on your guests, you can for all time go for ornate patterns or opt for materials which add a touch of royalty and stylishness.