Tea Pot Infuser

Making tea by the use of tea bags does not give the tea its full desired taste as the tea bags do not give the tea leaves the freedom to release all their oils which contribute to the flavor and value of the tea. Having taken this into consideration, many people are increasingly getting interested in making their tea by the use of infusers and the loose tea leaves are gaining more preference as compared to the tea bags.

There are several brands of tea infusers and all come in different designs and sizes. While some may be simple and are basically meant to help in the infusion of the tea, some are designed with beauty and functionality both taken into consideration leaving them with an outstanding appearance.

Tea infusers are used to brew tea when you do not want to use the tea bags. In earlier day before the invention of tea infusers, people simply boiled their tea with the loose tea leaves and latter resorted to filtering the tea to separate the beverage from the spent tea leaves. Other advantages of using tea pot infuser are in the fact that you can comfortably determine your tea's caffeine content. This is because the infusion reduces the caffeine content of tea by a large percentage making it the best method of regulating your tea especially for people who do not want too much caffeine in their tea.

Tea pot infusers give the user a combination of both tea pot and the much important infuser that helps in filtering the tea leaves from the beverage thus simplifying the job of the person brewing the tea. When brewing tea from tea infuser pots, it is advisable to only fill your pot half way through to give your tea the good taste that is deserved. It is important to note that giving the tea leaves enough room to vibrate within the infuser allows the tea's flavor to spread all-out and the oils within the leaves to spread out in the entire beverage.

When shopping for infuser tea pots you can have the flexibility of choosing between tea pots that come with fixed infusers in them or removable infusers which are dipped in the tea pot during the brewing process and then put out once the tea is fully brewed. There are numerous versions of both and the choice would be determined by the needs of the customer. Removable tea pot infusers cost as low as $1 to as high as $20 depending on the design of the infuser.