Tea Pot Lid

The sight of a wonderful tea pot usually evokes a warm response from most of the folks. The tea pot is almost a synonym of warmth and homely feeling for many people. Most of the house holds have a tea pot. And it cannot be said with conviction if all these people actually have given much thought to the tea pot before buying it.

Tea pots and tea sets have been traditionally made up of a myriad of different materials. The consumer can prefer any variety of tea pots or tea sets in accordance to the individual fondness, or in addition according to the design and type of the material or substance used to create the tea set or the tea pots which they are using. Matching both the tea set and the tea pots make it look charming to the aesthetics when they are positioned together.

These tea sets and the tea pots can be made of ceramic ware, porcelain, pewter, tin, steel, iron, plastic, English bone china, glass etc. The shapes are also quite miscellaneous and can have a wide scope from the shape of a tea pot or may be like the shape of a leaf, shape of a flower; shape of an animal or in any shape which you could probably envisage.

The most important part of a tea pot is its lid. The tea pot lid if not fitted properly can actually spoil the whole pleasure and the bliss of tea drinking. Tea drinking is not a routine, and almost all the tea aficionados of the world would unite in saying that the tea drinking is a unique and wonderful process. So no one would like to get this magnificent experience of tea drinking to get spoilt because of a non fitting tea pot lid.

The steam will pass through a loose fitting tea pot lid, and will not allow the tea leaves to infuse sufficiently. And when the tea leaves do not infuse adequately, they leave the resultant tea quite insipid and bland. Conventional Yixing tea pots were awfully little and supposed for individual use only. These Yixing tea pots were used with tiny Yixing tea cups. At the present time you can find Yixing teapots in all shapes and sizes. These Yixing tea pots have very close-fitting lids that thwart the introduction of oxygen and thus help in permitting your gourmet teas to keep up their enhanced flavour.