Tea Pot Sets

Tea is, almost unquestionably, has become the drink of the ages. Except coffee, tea is probably the drunken beverage in the world. There are almost no cultures in history that don't drink some form of tea. The beverage known as tea now comes from one plant family and is steeped in tradition in both Eastern and Western cultures. Tea is clinically known to have several beneficial detoxifying effects and even be beneficial for such problems as high cholesterol, blood pressure and even weight loss.

In both the East and the West, tea is traditionally served on a china cup and saucer and is brewed in a pot. It is served with milk, sugar, a napkin, spoon and cup. But the essence of making tea is the tea pot. Tea pots can be made of anything from metal to ceramic and glass. Most people feel that glass teapots are the best because they do not impart the taste of the pot?s material in the tea. Glass pots also heat more evenly than other pots and they are easier to clean.

One great tea pot set is the Japanese Tetsubin. This antique tea set is constructed of iron and if you are a lover of Japanese culture you will love this set. The tea pot has some pattern, organic, animal or geometric as a decoration on the side. The decoration is always on the right side of the pot because the pot is traditionally held in the left hand.

Ceramic teapots like the one above should be well made, with a good balance and proper angle to prevent dribbling. They are not generally made too tall or wide so they will remain stable. Some tea pots are very delicate and these are generally only used for ceremonial events and are not good choices for something you will use daily.

If you are in the market for an antique tea pot set get ready to spend a good deal of money. It is always best to do a good deal of prior research before you head off with visa card in hand. If you know the different types of tea pot and some of the ways to recognize an antique you will be ahead of the game