Tea Shop 168

You've heard of Starbucks. You've seen coffee shops at almost every street corner, and you wonder, what about tea drinkers? While coffee has become synonymous with office-goers as a 'perk up', the rising popularity of Green Tea as a health drink worldwide is well known. Green Tea, as you may know, is made with Camellia Sinensis leaves. These leaves are usually processed with minimal oxidization. Green Tea is known to have some health benefits, and there is proof that people who drink Green Tea may prevent heart disease and some kinds of cancer. It is also recommended for weight loss by the drinkers.

So how about having a chain of Green Tea shops? Someone already did.

Tea Shop 168. A Chain that marries the goodness of Green tea with the tea drinking culture in Taiwan.

Tea Shop 168 promotes the Taiwanese Tradition of social-bonding over tea.

Famous for their 'Bubble Teas' Tea Shop 168 has its loyal base of followers and flattering reviews from people who've visited Tea Shop 168 even once. For those who wish to know what 'Bubble Tea', actually means, here's the explanation. It is a sweet flavoured cold, tea-based beverage . Usually mixed with fruit syrup or milk, the mixture is shaken, and the foam that gets formed is the genesis of the name ' Bubble-tea'. Tapioca balls are dropped into this drink. These tapioca balls are boiled just right so that they are cooked to give a chewy feel and yet not semi-raw. So it's like a tea milkshake with slightly sweet tapioca balls one can chew.

With franchises in Canada and USA, this Canadian company is 12 years old and believes

that in the age of health-consciousness, green tea is the new-age health beverage. Apart from having a whole host of flavours like Mint, Grenadine, Mango, Kiwi, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, among the 29 flavours that are offered, Tea Shop 168 offers bottled drinks like Aloe Vera Flavoured Green Tea and Honey Flavoured Green tree which are a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks.

On the event of their 13th anniversary, Tea Shop 168 announced that they were the largest chain in Canada serving Bubble tea. Their aim to continue to offer high quality, innovative products and remain customer-centric, and continue to have an edge in the brewing technique of bubble tea. The popularity of bubble tea is no longer only restricted to countries like Mainland China. Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan and other south-east Asian countries. Even countries in the Middle East are participating in this Bubble- Tea drinking habit. Canada and USA have already taken to this trend in a big way.

In a bid to create customer delight, Tea Shop 168 has started a loyalty programme that offers discounts to regular customers. The discounts range from 5% to 14%. Now the next thing we hope to hear instead of 'Coffee Anyone?' at office meetings is ' Bubble tea anyone?