Tea Teaf Reading

Tea is one of the important nourishing and refreshing drink. Tea along with its rich nutrients value tea can also be used as medicinal herbs. Tea is related to many historical things during the ancient china regime. During its life cycle from early drinking it has many applications. One of its interesting applications is the method of fortune telling by studying the nature of tea leaves.


It all started from china. They also read the cups for dredges if any to get any type of symbol or some pattern which will be useful for fortune telling.

How it is done:

First the tea is poured into the cups and after doing so the tea is emptied by drinking or it is poured away. No strainer is used while pouring tea into the cup. The cup is then shaken very well and any liquid remaining is drained off. A person called as diviner then looks into the pattern formed in the cup and uses his imagination to find the shape which has been formed inside the cup. The shape might be look like a ring or a tree or a heart or any valid shape. These shapes formed are then interpreted by a fair standard system of symbols. Various symbols represent good fortune, travelling hindrances hardship, enmity etc.

People required:

1. The reader

2. The seeker.

The seeker sits near the reader and asks for his fortune to the reader. It’s possible that each reader may have his/her own style of reading and interpreting the figure generated.

Types of symbol cups:

Many types of fortune telling cups are available in the market. The most important ones include symbol cups, zodiac cups, playing card cups etc. the symbol cups consist of designs of tea leaves. They are provided along with booklet containing usage instructions. Zodiac cups contain the symbols of planets and other astronomical objects in their interior. Playing card cups contain images of scattered playing cards from the deck of 52 cards present in poker deck.

Tea Leaves after Reading is Done:

After the reading process is over and fortune has been told question arises that what should be done with the tea leaves? For answer to this question contradictions are there and many people suggest that is should be thrown on the ground to keep evil spirits away and some suggest that it should be brunt so that poverty will be removed and prosperity will occur.