Tender Leaf Tea

The tender leaf tea is the new thing in demand. For those who are the tea service provider personnel's this can be very vital information. However, there are more things to look up to beyond this only aspect. The brief extracts that will be helpful in knowing what exactly the tender leaf tea involves are included in the following article.

The Initial Stage

At the initial stage that is at the beginners there are three important things that have to watched while trying to know anything about the tender leaf tea.

* The source of origin of the tea leaves

* The process of processing

* The quality bars while selling and purchasing.

The source for the tender tealeaves is the Camellia Sinensis plant. This source is the only similarity for all the types and flavors of tea that are available in the market today. Then the fermentation, the drying and the storing process determines the features of the various teas that are unique from the rest of its counterparts. After going through these stages the tealeaves takes various forms and is made available in as many various flavors. However, the tea brew from the tender leaves is regarded as the core beverage from among the many beverages that are prepared from the tea.

The Advantages of the Tender Leaves Tea

The tender tealeaves are the one that appear right after the budding. These leaves are picked up and then they are made available before they can mature. The reason why this is done is to maintain the medicinal properties of these leaves. The tender tealeaves are more in demand so that they can be utilized to make medicinal herbs and even included in the medicines. The tender tealeaf tea is often prescribed to the patients for whom the consumption of any other beverage can be sensitive. The core medicinal properties of the tea are well intact in the tender tealeaf as they undergo less processing and fermentation as compared to the matured tealeaves. Apart from the medicinal herbs and medicines, the tealeaves are also of much help to be included in the cosmetics. There are certain cosmetics that are sensitive on the skin and this is the reason they require the tealeaves that are mild.