The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

Whenever people talk about coffee and tea; the world’s most loved and celebrated beverages, one brand name cannot escape the minds of beverages lovers: the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; simply referred to as the Coffee Bean. For a long time, this brand has been the primary competitor of Starbucks coffee, giving it a run for its money. Recently, the Coffee Bean was rated second in the United States, a few points behind Starbucks coffee and going strong. The company has been in existence for 42 years and operates in more then 20 countries in the world. Its branches are centered in Southern California with the rest of its braches being in the rest of the union.

The Coffee Bean was started by Mona and Hebert Hyman. Its dealing in coffee and tea has increased its revenue ever since its inception in 1963, and this has seen it open more branches and create franchises in the union. It expanded into the international market and got certified as having reached the standards of Israeli coffee. It has branches in China, India, , Israel, , Kuwait, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates

The Coffee Bean is known the world over for its mixes of coffee and tea. The ambience and the service of the coffee and tea play a great part but not as great as the coffee itself and the tea. This is the one stop shop for all your coffee needs whatever they are. If you want black, white, herbal green or flavored coffee and tea, the Coffee Bean will whip you quality at a good rate. The company is best known for its original ice blended drink which was its most successful mix and still is. It is estimated that the company sells more than 5 million drinks all over the world on an annual l basis. The company sells many drinks like the flavored lattes, chocolate orange and peppermint

Part of the mandate of corporate bodies is to give back to the society it profits from. The successes of the Coffee Bean have been accompanied by a lot of charity donations, which the company has supported. It has also helped youth charity groups through the wall campaign.