The Tea Set

The perfect tea set is a mark of high class. There is nothing that impresses guests better than being served tea in a high class and aristocratic tea set. A good quality tea set epitomizes a regal lifestyle, royalty and delicacy all at the same time. It speaks a lot about the characteristics of the owner of the house. For one, it shows that the owner values beauty and delicacy, and is not ashamed to show it and indulge in it. Besides that, it shows that the owner regards any guest in his or her house as special and important, deserving of being served refreshing tea in a regal tea set. The presence of a regal tea set in a room automatically elevates the status of its inhabitants, and it always sets the mood of the conversation.

Tea sets come in different kinds. There are those, which are available to those who cannot afford the good quality ones. These tea sets combine economy with looks, and thus are very advantageous to the owner. Then there are those tea sets, which only a few can afford, but which are entirely worth the buy. They are of extreme good quality, and quite a few of them are vintage, coming with an illustrious and exciting history. Those people who have a serious passion for collecting vintage articles buy these usually.

Tea sets can also be made of many different types of materials. The most common material is porcelain. It is dainty and can be engraved and painted upon. Porcelain can also come in a variety of appealing colors, thus making the tea set appropriate for different settings. Porcelain also lends the entire set a lot of delicacy. Then there are tea sets, which are entirely made of silver. Not only do they represent the heritage of the owner, they are also not easily breakable, as compared to porcelain. Tea sets also come in glass, though these are rarer than the other two. Glass also comes in many colors, and changes the entire look of the set, making it unique.

Tea sets, specially the costly ones, require a lot of care and maintenance. They should always be stored in dry, cool places. They should be cleaned regularly, to avoid the settling of dust and grease. After washing them, they should be thoroughly dried before being stored. If the set is costly, it is advisable to get a professional to clean them, so that they stay safe. All this maintenance will pay their dividends as the guests sit back and enjoy a perfect cup of tea.