The Tea Shop

If you are looking for a complete tea experience then look no further. The Tea Shop, founded a number of years ago by the famous Tea Man, Reed Dufane is operated in Madison Wisconsin by his widow, Virginia and large extended family as a traditional family business. The business was operated for many years as a traditional storefront, in Madison, but it has now moved onto the Web permanently. They are promising all of their loyal customers the same quality teas, at the same prices, and the same personal service that people have come to expect.

The Tea Shop has an amazing variety of teas from all over the globe. It?s Indian teas for instance encompass over 50 different teas. Teas that range from the Tibetan Royal Blend, an aromatic with visible golden buds to the Himalayas Trekking Blend. It?s Chinese teas include Young Hyson Supreme which is a good green tea at a bargain price and Pinhead gunpowder which is a tightly rolled gunpowder tea with a very nutty flavor. The China Black teas sell the best at The Tea Shop and you can buy numerous blends and different amounts. The shop also has both Japanese teas and Ceylonese teas like the Japanese Hojicha Bancha Superior with it?s roasted flavor and Ceylon?s Natures Garden Supreme.

The house also has several specialty blends that have a large and loyal following. Blends like Monkey King Jasmine and Fine Jasmine Pearls. The blends take the best of several different tea varieties and bring to the cup a new tea experience with each one. There are eighteen of these specialty blends and it is a good idea to try them all. There are jasmines, semi-blacks and blends of the best Chinese, Japanese and Ceylonese teas.

The Tea Shop also has a few flavored and scented teas, the most outstanding of which is and Earl Grey with double bergamot. All in all the Tea Shop is a great shopping experience for tea lovers and those who are merely interested in trying the full tea experience. They will even make special blends to suit your special taste.