Triple Leaf Teas

What exactly are Triple Leaf Teas - this is essentially a business run by a Chinese family in USA. All the useful and good Chinese herbs which have great medicinal value can be found in Triple Leaf Teas. What makes Triple Leaf Teas popular is that all the useful Chinese medicinal herbs can be found in them and in a form in which it can be easily ingested in the human body. Nothing artificial or preservatives have been added -the Chinese have attempted to be completely faithful to the age old secrets that have been passed down over the centuries and have prepared the Triple Leaf Teas in exactly the same manner that it was prepared for all these years.

The Cold and Flu Time Tea from Triple Leaf Teas, as the name suggests, make it especially useful for persons who are suffering from cold and flu. Normally when such affected people drink tea or coffee, the caffeine content inherent in tea and coffee serves to disturb the sleep pattern of the ill person and also makes them a little restless which is not very conducive to the healing process. The advantage of Triple Leaf Teas is that since it is devoid of caffeine, those ill effects which have been described above will not occur, so the medicinal herbs which are contained in the Triple Leaf Teas will begin having its effects and in any case, having piping hot tea will only make the patient more comfortable (without the caffeine factor).

It should be understood that Triple Leaf Tea does not necessarily cure the person from cold and fly but what it does is that it hastens the healing process by removing to some extent the discomfort that cold and flu causes. As said before, this tea is natural with nothing artificial added to it.

Triple Leaf Teas definitely helps in soothing the respiratory system and helps in the patient able to breathe better. Some of the special constituents of Triple Leaf Teas are dandelion, siler, lycium, licorice, ginger, mulberry, perilla, angelica etc. Since this is completely natural and does not have strong allopathic constituents, it can be taken at anytime and by persons of almost all age groups. It also is useful for your general good health - so in short, it can be taken also when you are not ill. People who have discovered the benefits of Triple Leaf Teas have substituted their normal tea and take this regularly on a daily basis.