Turkish Tea Sets

Turkey, otherwise known as the Ottoman Empire was a Muslim empire for more then 600 years and part of its culture today is influenced by Islam from the Muslim rule of the Ottoman Empire. The influence of Islam is not only in the religion but also in the education system, the law, architecture music and other forms of art. The ottoman empire declined and later broke up leading to the establishment of turkey, a state that was far much smaller in size than the ottoman empire which spun more than three continents at its height .Although no longer referred to as the ottoman empire, turkey has maintained it's a strong Islamic culture and the artifacts from turkey have a lot of Islamic influence. The artifacts include the famed Turkish rags and the Turkish tea sets which are unique and striking.

The Ottoman Empire borrowed a lot from other nations. From the cultures it borrowed from other nations, it developed a new culture of its own unique to the rest of the world and a sight to behold. This culture is a blend of Islamic and other cultures. They were developed as part of the ottoman's empires ambition to establish itself as a power in the world and this later evolved into an art of its own, influenced deeply by the Islamic culture.

Turkish tea sets have Islamic inscriptions and unique shapes; they are thin in the middle and wide at the base. The teapots have a lid attached to them and have a long thin spout. The cups have curvaceous handles with Islamic inscriptions and patterns on them. Most of them are made of brass which is also a unique material which does not rust. They were made of brass because they were used to brew tea directly. Having this eye catcher in your cupboard is an addition even if it is not an antique and a testament to the tea culture of the Turkish people. Turkey has maintained its teapot legacy in the world by maintaining the shapes and makes of the Turkish tea set for a long time. Up to today, they are made by hand and no one is the same with the other. You can buy this from the internet as a gift item for a friend or if you plan to visit Turkey, include a tea set as part of the souvenirs you get from this country.