Twinings English Breakfast Tea

If you wish to enjoy some typical English tea, then you must try the Twinings English breakfast tea – as the name suggests, it is the popular choice among the English for their breakfast. This tea is actually a smooth blend of tea, has a tinge of Vanilla combined with the Twinings blend of black tea. It definitely is not very strong but not very weak either. The Vanilla content is just right, which makes this not too sweet. Of course there are some with a sweet tooth, who prefer to add some creamer to this, but this really depends on individual preferences. There are some who prefer to have this tea, piping hot whereas some prefer to permit this to cool down and have it slowly enjoying the distinctive aroma as they sip it.

If one really needs to enjoy the aroma (which will also pervade your kitchen for some after time after it is prepared), then one can have it within a period of approximately five minutes. One thing nice about the Twinings Vanilla tea is not that it is not very addictive and the reason for it is the content of caffeine is on the lower side, with the result that even if you take a cup before you retire for the night, you will still be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

It is quite simple to make this tea. Like most teas, you need to first heat the water, place the pouch which contains the Twinings English breakfast tea and then you can begin to enjoy your cup of tea.

If you have an automatic coffee maker, you could put a tea bag in the maker, set the time for when you need to get up in the morning and you will have your cup of Twinings English breakfast tea ready in the morning to get you out of bed.

The company, Twinings has been in the business of making tea since the beginning of the eighteenth century – they are immensely popular in England and Ireland.

Twinings English breakfast tea is not very expensive; this is another factor which has contributed towards its popularity. Another feature is that each tea bag is individually wrapped, so it becomes convenient for people to take one or two bags to work every day.

A testimonial to the popularity of Twinings (the founder was Richard Twinings) English breakfast tea is how it has stood the test of time (approximately three hundred years).