Vanilla Chai Tea

Chai is another word for tea. Nevertheless, when producing Chai Tea other ingredients such as spices, sweeteners, and milk are used in many countries. For example, India Chai tea producers use these ingredients for their Chai tea, and it has become very popular throughout the World. Vanilla Chai tea tastes the flavor of vanilla. Of the various types of Chai tea, Vanilla Chai tea is much more popular than other types.

Many countries use different ingredients to produce Chai teas. India uses pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom etc., to produce Chai tea and the number of spices they use varies from region to region. When you drink a cup of vanilla Chai tea, you feel regenerated and energetic rarely resisting another cup.

Vanilla Chai tea is now a common drink in many parts of the World and is available from common teashops by the road. Vanilla Chai tea is found in supermarkets in various packages competing with other beverage products such as cappuccino and lattes.

When you want to make your own cup of Vanilla Chai tea, you can try a recipe that you won't have difficulty in finding on the Internet. It is worth making Vanilla Chai tea, as this beverage certifies immense satisfaction at any time when you feel dull.

Prepare a cup of non-fat dry milk, a cup of powdered non-dairy cream, enough French vanilla powder, two and half cups of white sugar, unsweetened instant tea - about one cup, two teaspoon of ground ginger, two teaspoons of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, and enough white pepper.

You can find these ingredients in a supermarket. Mix all the ingredients in a food processor. Blend them until they all become one powder. Then boil the water and mix two to three tsp of your newly made powder to about eight oz of hot water. You can also use milk instead of boiled water. If you mix milk, don't over boil, but heat it before adding your vanilla tea powder to the milk.

Now you can taste your own quality cup of vanilla Chai tea. There are many other methods to make vanilla Chai tea. In whichever way, Vanilla Chai tea is a great beverage that you can enjoy at any moment if you want to relax after heavy work.

You can find various vanilla Chai teas on Internet. Many websites supply consumers with vanilla chai tea in various quantities. Read reviews, qualities, and prices of many Chai products before ordering via the Internet. Many products are not quality products though they provide you with tantalizing reviews, and images of colorful products.