Weight Loss Herbal Tea

In Japan, green tea is easily one of the most widely consumed drinks, but it is gradually becoming popular in the U.S, also due to its health benefits. People in the U S are increasingly taking to green teas as it helps in reducing and also maintaining weight. Additionally, due to its organic nature and the amount of antioxidants that it contains people have realized that this healthy, tasty, invigorating drink is suitable for taking especially, in the morning.

Green tea can be described as possibly the most effective weight loss herbal tea (the Japanese Matcha green tea would be the most effective weight loss green tea) this actually comes from the same tea plant from where oolong or black tea comes from but the difference is in the processing. Since less processing is used for green tea, it retains more antioxidants than oolong and black tea – less fermentation takes place in the manufacture of green tea. It is the processing which causes a lot of valuable medicinal and weight loss properties to be lost.

In case of black tea, it is completely fermented before drying whereas for oolong, it is partially done – this is the reason why the antioxidant polyphenols gets lost in this process, whereas this does not take place in the case of green teas.

Green tea contains something which is known as catchetins which are found in lesser proportions in oolong and not found at all in black tea .What are catchetins? - These are phytochemical polyphenols – this sounds a little complicated – the word phytochemical means that this comes from plants whereas polyphenols are flavanols which are chemicals and quite healthy.

One way in which green tea helps in weight loss is by the way it regulates the sugar found in blood vessels - it actually lowers the blood sugar. When the sugar found in blood vessels spikes, the body automatically stores the extra fat which is unhealthy and which causes you to put on more weight. Green tea prevents this spiking so extra fat is automatically not stored. Another advantage of the regulation of blood sugar is that once the level of sugar goes down in the body, your craving for sugar reduces - if this were not to happen, automatically, you reach out to sweet things and this causes you to put on more weight.

One animal study conducted at a Center approved by the University of Chicago says that green tea not only reduces glucose levels but also cholesterol and fats. In the same study, they discovered that catchetins found in green tea reduces the accumulation of deposits of fats below the surface of the skin.