Where To Buy Tea

If you're looking for tea, these days it will not be hard to find. For more than a thousand years tea was confined to Asia where it became an integral part of the culture. The British began exporting tea to England and Europe and eventually the Americas and were even responsible for the first tea cultivation in India and Ceylon. Teas has been clinically proven to help fight cancer, remove stress, and even help us keep a clear skin and is now immensely popular world wide. But with tea coming in so many varieties, where do you find the kind you need and want?

If you just want some common tea your grocery store is loaded with different kinds. These teas are generally lower quality and mostly bagged teas, which aren't as good as loose leafed teas but they are still good and good for you.

If you decide to go to a tea specialty store you will be able to get tea in larger quantities and be paying anywhere from $5 to $150 a pound. You want to find out what your preferences are before you delve into these teas though because there are many varieties to choose from and literally thousands of blends. The first thing to do is find out what your favorite region is. Once you have determined whether you like Chinese, Japanese or Ceylonese tea you want to find out what variety. Green, black and white is the basic types. Understand that each of these areas has different teas based on the region grown and the particular harvest season.

Green teas are a bit milder than the others and have a smooth aroma and nutty flavor, while black tea is richer with a malty taste. Black teas are also much richer in caffeine but this is not always the case because many varieties have hybrids. White teas are very delicate and light as you drink them.

The other great resource for both learning about and buying tea is the internet. You should take the time and study the different types of teas to find those you might like better than others. There are so many specialty stores on the internet you cannot help but find the best tea for you and your family.