White And Green Tea

White tea is a special kind of tea made from leaves, after processing them in a way that allows them to wilt a little and lose the 'grassy' flavor of green tea, while at the same time maintaining minimal oxidation. Just like green tea, white tea is from the Camellia Sinensis plant that provides many other types of tea. However, Oolong and black tea are always oxidized before curing.

White tea comes from the Chinese province of Fujian. The leaves though, come from a large variety of tea cultivators. The popular ones are Da Bai, also called Large White, Xiao Bai, and called Small White, Narcissus bushes and Chaicha bushes. Based on how the teas are picked and selected, the teas are classified into different grades, According to the standards of picking and selection; white teas can be classified into a number of grades.

White tea has several health benefits, being anti viral and anti bacterial. This also aids in digestion and improves overall health. It has about the same amount of caffeine, slightly more, than green tea, so this improves alertness and concentration.

Green tea is a tea made especially from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis, after undergoing a very little amount of oxidation during procession. Green tea is originally from China but is now associated with several different cultures, mostly from Asia, like Japan and China, and the Middle East. Nowadays, it is also widespread in the West, where people usually drink black tea. Green tea comes in several varieties in the places it is grown. These varieties differ based on growing conditions, processing time and harvesting time.

Over the last several years, green tea has been extensively tested through scientific and medical studies to find out if its health benefits are as rumored. Evidence has been brought out suggesting that people who drink green tea have a much lower risk of heart disease, and of developing types of cancer. Green tea is also popular as slim tea - a tea that promotes weight loss, which is a claim that has not obtained any scientific support, according to several different medical journals and databases. Many people still drink green tea for its medical values and still under the assumption that it promotes weight loss, ignorant of the fact that it has not been scientifically proved. White tea and green tea are both good for health.