White Loose-leaf Tea

White loose-leaf tea is one the best tea available, it is very well known, especially in China. It provides a lot of flavour, as the oil present in it is the main ingredient. The taste and aroma of loose tealeaves is very different compared to the bagged ones. As the tea is cooked, the aroma keeps increasing. In the bagged tea, the oil is completely evaporated after the leaves are crushed, thereby reducing the aroma and freshness. Many scientists say that white tea is very good for health and provides many benefits for the body. White tea is tealeaves, which are immature, because these leaves are pulled out even before the plant fully blooms. A white positive aspect appears on the tea, which causes the white colour, and this is how it has its name.

White tea is of four different types; the silver needle, tribute eyebrow, white peony and the "long life eyebrow". These are usually made from huge quantity of tea buds with their tealeaves. For the white peony one bud has to be mixed with two leaves, the high quality tea silver needle is a mixture of only buds, as two days after picking out they turn into tea. The combination of the left over tealeaves of silver needle and the white peony make the "lifelong eyebrow", which usually of lower quality. The tribute eyebrow is made from a different tea bush and is a lower quality tea. All the four varieties can be bought in loose. Bagged leaves of tea are nothing but the dust, which are the remains of the harvest. This reduces the flavour and quality.

Studies say white tea protects against skin cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. The white tea extracts help in protecting the skin after exposure to sunlight; it helps in reducing damage of cells. A few tests have also proved partial repair in the immune system. Some scientists say this is because of the antioxidants, which are present, and it has effects of anti-aging.

It is evident from the test that the white tea extracts helps in stopping Staph infection, pneumonia and bacteria, which causes decay of teeth, gum diseases, bad breath and plaque. This is the best for stopping bacterial viruses and is a great anti-virus for pathogen viruses of human beings.

Another possible benefit could be effects, which are anti-fungal. They help in the prevention of growing fungus in many different conditions. Scientist found out that a few drugs, which are fungus based when, are mixed with white tea become inactive.

Cholesterol is truly a requirement for good health; however there is bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Catechins are an antioxidant, which is used to reduce bad cholesterol, as it hardens the arteries. White tea increases the good cholesterol of your body. It also reduces sugar levels in the blood, avoiding any symptoms of diabetics. There have been many more signs of health benefits, which have occurred on a few patients, however, scientists, are still trying to find out if it's actually true.