White Peony Tea

It is agreed the world over by doctors and chefs what white tea has numerous health benefits and healing properties. Therefore, what exactly is white tea and how is prepared. White tea is the tea prepared from immature leave leaves. Here the leaves are plucked from the plant before it actually blooms. A fine, silver fuzz is seen on the tea making it appear white thus giving rise to the name. White tea has four main varieties and white peony tea is one of them.

White tea is of four types; white peony, long life eyebrow, silver needle and tribute eyebrow. Each type of white tea is different from the other in combinations of different quantities of tealeaves along with their buds. For the standard white peony, tea two leaves are put together with a bud while for the superior quality silver needle the tea is made out of buds completely. The long life eyebrow is an inferior quality of white tea, which is made from the left over leaves after a white peony or a silver needle harvest. The tribute eyebrow variety is processed using a special tea bush and it is considered inferior in quality compared to the other three variants of white tea.

Studies in recent times have shown that white peony tea helps in providing protection against stomach cancer, colon cancer, skin care and prostate cancer. It has also been seen that this tea helps the skin after excessive exposure to the sun and helps in the prevention of cell damage. White peony tea also has a hand in repaired immune system according to a few other studies. Scientists believe that white tea has all these health benefits because of the large number of anti oxidants present in it and some recent studies have shown that white peony tea may also have anti ageing properties.

Pneumonia is one ailment, which can be prevented with regular intake of white tea and certain bacteria like then Staph infection bacteria, the bacteria, which cause tooth decay, gum damage, and bad breath can be countered using white peony tea. White tea is an excellent tool for stopping bacterial infections and it has been proved that it has anti- fungal properties. White peony tea is also known to be rich in catchins a type of anti oxidant, which reduces the levels of bad cholesterol, which causes hardening of the arteries.

With such an amazing array of health benefits, it is not surprise that many people are switching over to it.