White Tangerine Tea

In essence, flavored fruit teas involve green, black or white teas from any part of the glove combined with the dried peel or fruit fragments of the actual berries, which add the additional fruity flavor to the tea, usually made in compliment or contrast to the specific tea's original taste. The tea is considered white when its manner of processing allows it to lose the taste of green or grassy flavor in green tea while there is very little oxidization occurring. It nevertheless also comes from the camellia sinsesis plant. The most famous of white teas come from the Fujian province of China (though there are other white teas from Ceylon, Africa, and even white Assam tea) from which there are many developed kinds, including white tangerine tea.

White tangerine tea is usually white tea (Fujian or otherwise depends on the particular blend the seller is going for) with accompanying dried tangerine fruit or peel in small fragments. It comes the same as any other tea--it can be found loose or bagged--but the taste of the tangerine is quite prominent with the use of white tea, allowing for the drinker to enjoy a delicate, smooth citrus taste to go with the tea. This type of white tea is highly recommended by tea drinkers who have never quite tasted white tea. It would seem that white tea mixed with fruit is quite a popular choice for a fruity tea, giving the delicate balance of flavor between tea and fruit properly, and the tangerine part of the tea is very satisfying as it is but a hint, and not too strong as can be in other teas like black fruit tea. Some white tangerine teas, however, were made particularly stronger in the taste of tea when steeped, owing possible due to the fact that the peel is used, and therefore more bitterness in the tea would be had and thus not so much as tangerine. Part of the white tangerine tea's qualities is the aroma. As any good tea drinker knows, the aroma is important, and often white tangerine is accompanied by a rich, soothing aromatic scent of the citrus fruit.

The tea is most usually recommended to be drunk before bedtime, mainly for its calming aroma and the tangerine taste. It can be drunk both hot and cold (another good thing about fruit teas) and is a very good introduction to white fruit teas if one is looking to give them a try.