White Tea Bags

White tea has certainly an imperial characteristic to it. The white tea was the solitary type of tea, which was acceptable to be served up in the interiors of the citadel of the Chinese emperor. The white tea unquestionably has a stroke of royalty, dominance and ambiguity attached to it. White tea is in point of fact not tea in any sense. This is for the raison d'être that it is not primed from the tea leaves, but it is sourced from the plant Camelia sinensis.

The silver needle white tea is a kind of white tea, primed from the buds of the plant. This plant is found wholly in the Fujian province of China. The paramount part of the year to bring together these buds, is amid the second half of March and the first ten days of April. The buds should be entirely healthy, unbroken and should not have any signs of discoloration or any other imperfection. These buds hold a higher amount of caffeine when put side by side to the green tea buds or leaves. But it is for the reason of this higher caffeine substance that they are linked with a advanced sense of attentiveness on being drunk.

The silver needle white tea is an exclusive plant and quite complex to establish. These buds should be picked when there is no sign of any drizzle, or the complete process is bust. Also the silver needle white tea is quite inexpensive, for the reason that they do not cost more than half a dollar for each cup brewed from these silver needle white tea leaves. There are quite a few websites which present this silver needle white tea leaves for sale, but not all of them are authentic. The quality of the buds will to a large extent determine the quality of the tea brewed from them, so make sure about the quality of the buds carefully before buying. The ideal colors of the buds diverge from yellow to white or green, but stay away from brown or leafy looking ones.

White tea has been traditionally connected with fitness benefits. Another type of white tea is the Jasmine white tea. If you have never attempted the jasmine white tea, you should categorically try it once. If you have not tried Jasmine white tea for the fine aroma and the divine flavor, then you should indisputably try it for the health benefit. Jasmine tea is said to act as a tranquilizer and has a calm reassuring and soothing effect on the frayed nerves.