White Tea Caffeine

White tea is prepared in the same way the other tea is prepared except for there is a small change in the technology in which they are prepared. This is basically a form of tea that is done with a small alteration in the technique of wilting which is not done in the other cases. This is done mainly to remove the taste of the grass which usually comes along with any leaves from Mother Nature. This is usually done with very minimum oxidation. This tea is originated from the Chinese province and they are a delicacy there. These leaves are assembled from a variety of farmers who are indulged in the plantation of tea and then they are assorted and brewed in the required technique. This basically is considered for its rich aroma of tea without taking into consideration the actual smell of the grass for people who demand speciality in taste and fragrance. This tea should be processed with detail and high care otherwise even a slight change in the method of processing of the tea would lead to a major change in the fragrance which will be easily derived by a tea expert. This will reduce the quality of the white tea.

Tea is the most consumed or drunk and delightful liquid consumed after water. Tea is considered as a seducer when you have a head ache. It is consumed with a drop of lemon when your stomach is upset. Tea is considered as the most effective stimulant in it because of the presence of theobromine in it. They are considered to change the mood of the person and also a major stress reliever. This white tea has many specialities in the Chinese mythology. It is always advised to consume less than 6 cups a day. This caffeine content is around 5% in a tea. The higher grades of tea are considered to have more caffeine than the lower grades. Therefore higher the grade the higher the caffeine and lower the grade of the tea the lower is the caffeine content. Hence the consumer can decide as to which grade of tea he has to consume. They even have higher content of thiamine as well as the grade increases. If you are a new consumer of white tea then start with three cups a day and then proceed further if you like it.