White Tea Ginger

White tea has definitely a royal aura to it. The white tea was the sole kind of tea, which was permitted to be served in the interiors of the palace of the Chinese emperor. The white tea definitely has a touch of royalty, superiority and mystery attached to it. White tea is actually not tea in any sense. This is for the reason that it is not prepared from the tea leaves, but it is sourced from the plant Camelia sinensis.

White tea has been traditionally associated with health benefits. It contains a lot of anti oxidants called as polyphenols. These anti oxidants are truly helpful in maintaining an excellent immune system and also in many cases have been proved to fight off even cancer cells. The anti oxidants also assist in maintaining the vigor and youth of the body, by preventing cell aging. When the cells age, they not only lead to break down of the cells, but also lead to aging of the entire body. This is the reason why white tea has been credited with immense health benefits.

Ginger is another health benefitting stuff. Ginger has varied health benefits from curing acidity and acid reflux disorders, to helping in easy and quick digestion. Ginger also has been proved to have anti phlegm capacities, and has been extensively used in Ayurvedic system of medicine in creating different medicines for Sore throat, pharyngitis, bronchitis, acidity, indigestion and flatulent colic.

So white tea ginger is a wonderfully health benefitting idea, and is nothing but a blend of white tea leaves and dried ginger. Together when brewed they not only give various health benefits, but also give off a wonderful aroma and taste heavenly to the senses too.

Many people, who regularly include meditation as a part of their daily schedule, do love to have white ginger tea. This white ginger tea is said to possess a wonderful soothing and calming effect on the body. People who drink this tea say that they experience a kind of relaxation and drinking this tea just before their meditative practices, impart a sense of relaxation and relaxed breathing patterns which are a prerequisite to effective meditation. So this white ginger tea seems to be on the priority list of people who mediate and those who are looking to seek peace and tranquil in their lives. White ginger tea is also been extensively used as body treatment lotions in spas and is a content of many cosmetics.