White Tea Leaf

White tea has long been praised and credited for its numerous health benefits. Despite its benefits, the Western nations have been introduced to the concept of this beneficial tea only very recently. But once they recognized the health benefits, there has been no looking back for them. White tea has jumped up in the amount of sales and business it creates each month and each day in the Western nations, specifically America.

The worth of a white tea is determined by the exact proportion of the content with regard to leaves and buds. Buds are an integral part of the excellent quality white tea. If a particular brand of white tea contains a lot of buds, especially the buds which are unopened and are quite healthy in appearance, and devoid of any browning or drying, then that particular white tea can be labeled as being of superior quality. The buds are usually covered with silver colored fine hairs and the presence of such silver haired buds definitely ups the superiority of the white tea.

The silver needle white tea is a type of white tea, created from the blossom of the plant. This plant is found absolutely in the Fujian province of China. The most excellent division of the year to accumulate these buds, is stuck between the second half of March and the first ten days of April. The buds should be absolutely in good physical shape, unbroken and are supposed to be devoid of any signs of bruising or discoloration or any other blemish. These buds enclose an elevated quantity of caffeine when weighed against the green tea buds or leaves. But it is for the reason of this elevated caffeine content that they are connected with a superior sense of attentiveness on being drunk.

The silver needle white tea is an elite plant and quite convoluted to trace. These buds should be pulled out when there is no indication of any rain, or the complete process will simply go bust. The silver needle tea is also known in Chinese as the Bai Hao Yinzhen and is considered to the most superior kind of white tea available. The subsequent grade in white tea is given to the white peony. The ratio of the buds to the leaves in white peony is 1: 2. There are lots of other varieties of plants in the white tea leaf category like the Gong Mei, Shon Mei, and white Puerh.