Whole Leaf Tea

You have certainly heard that the whole leaf tea is the best one which you could possibly consume. However, if there is someone who does not believe this fact, then they are going to be given a very thorough explanation which will help them make out all advantages which the whole leaf tea has.

Basically, there are two ways in which the tea leaves can be picked and obviously those are: the hand-by-hand method and by using machines. Although you may think that the second option is a far better alternative because a lot of time and money are saved, you should know that a machine collects all tea leaves until a person will only take those which are good enough to be consumed. That is why we can say that we can divide the whole leaf tea into two large groups: manually picked and collected with machines. I would highly recommend you get the first kind because of the reasons which were already mentioned- of course you should not be surprised that the hand-by-hand-picked whole leaf tea costs twice as much as the one collected with machines.

However, this article's aim is not to inform you which kind of whole leaf tea is better but to help you learn why the whole leaf tea is better than the other teas which are offered in the supermarket for example. The sorts of tea which are usually offered on the market and in the shops are the so called CTC tea which means cutting, tearing and curling. Those teas' leaves are really heavily broken and apart from that the tea bags usually give a very strange flavor to the brew. And as a whole-leaf-tea consumer, I can assure you that you would never experience such a problem with this sort of tea- your brew will always taste great and will certainly make your days better.

However, the taste is not the only thing you should pay attention to because there is something very important which needs to be mentioned. The research shows that the teas which are offered in the supermarkets do not have any effect on your health although you can often find notices such as "Tea for headache", "Tea for upset stomach" and so on. The truth is that the tea has lost all his useful qualities because of the heavy processing! The only kind of tea which is really effective is the whole leaf tea- it is fresh, tasty and healthy. How could you still be consuming anything different from that?