Wulong Oolong Tea

Wulong tea is a Chinese derived tea that is between a black and green variety, because it is mixed between the two, it initially tends to give a bitter taste then has a sweet aftertaste. When translated from Chinese into English, the meaning of oolong is black dragon tea. The tea is supposedly derived from China's Fujian province on Wuyi Mountain.

When processing Wulong/oolong tea the leaves are wilted in order to achieve the distinguished taste. First, the leaves are dried, by either sun or air and then later cooled. Next, they are rolled into strands and only the flavor of the highest quality leaves is preserved.

When preparing Wulong/oolong tea, the leaves should be brewed or steeped in 180 to 190 degree F water. This water should not boil and it takes approximately 2.25 grams of tea to 170 grams of water. The Wulong leaves are capable of being rebrewed anywhere from three to five times.

One of the most healthful benefits of Wulong oolong tea is the huge amount of polyphenol. Polyphenol's antioxidants reduce the risk of getting cancer. Polyphenol is also the ingredient that makes the Wulong oolong tea famous for its flavor.

The Fujian province has most of the more common varieties of oolong teas. Two varieties that are very common are Tie Guan Yin and Shue Xian. The types of leaves and the production cycle of the leaves are what produce the different varieties of oolong teas. All of the oolong teas have the bitter taste with a sweet aftertaste.

There are several different types and flavors of oolong tea, for instance:

Bossa Nova - a mixture of hazelnut and vanilla

China Fancy Oolong - a mixture of summer fruit and cinnamon

China Oolong Kwai Flower - Osmanthus Blossoms combined with the warm, woody Fujian Oolong. Osmanthus Blossoms have a nectar-like peach flavor.

Formosa Ming Xiang - a good sipping tea that is rich amber in color with a smoky depth contrasted by sweet fruit flavors.

Formosa Superior Taifu - also known as the five color tea, which is infused multiple times and has various hues of brown ranging from beige to sienna.

Orange Blossom Oolong - orange floral combined with woody Oolong with hints of leather and smoke.

Tangerine Vanilla Yogurt - tangy tangerines combined with the full-bodied but smooth Oolong Tea.

No matter what flavor or variety you choose, your healthful selection will assist with weight loss and overall health.