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    I think most of us are very passionate about coffee and our business. If you have the business for past 4-5 and still going strong, you have good recipe for your business. We all like to know what others are doing and how they are making it so we can improve our business. If you are sitting still. you are bound to fail soon in the future. I hope our drive, passion and love for our coffee could one day bring us the dreams to reality some day.....

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    This isn't necessarily a direct answer to your question but just some thoughts to keep in mind. Basically, people donít ever buy products so I would encourage you to stand back a little bit from your process of want to sell coffee from restaurants and think about the experience that you are providing. But more importantly, think about the experience that the restaurant owner has.

    The one very essential concept to think about is that you have to understand the conversation that is going on in your customerís mind (what is the experience they are having, what are the facets that is going to their head, how is your experience fit in to their). It may have nothing to do with the details that you are thinking of right now, but you may be able to find a place where your experience is far superior to the experience theyíre having.

    Youíll find what you think of the process, and this way, it has absolutely nothing to do with price. So, those are just some thoughts to be considered.

    - transcribed and posted for Joseph @ JR Mobile by Marky

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawal22 View Post
    Hi All,

    I am embarking on starting a small roaster with some friends. Our goal is to sell into restaurants and build custom coffee programs for them. We are small enough where we can give individual attention to each account, and able to scale enough to handle a handful or two accounts total.

    As we get started, I wanted to start a discussion around restaurant coffee. Are there trends any other roasters are seeing? What is the best approach to starting the conversation with owners? Any insights you all have from past experience...

    Any thoughts are welcome and I would love to hear any success stories, and failures as I get this ship moving.
    Restaurant Coffee Trends-557939_214482348695668_2099630541_n.jpg

    Last week i visit Bali. i visit caffee "kopi Kultur" in krobokan bali.
    i order a coffee, and the owner come to me...
    He tell me about coffee, history of coffee and the process coffee .
    i come to coffee, not just drink a coffee, but know about the history, about the process.


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