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    Again I think the "labor budget" varies a lot from shop to shop. A 2 person, say husband wife team, might work extremely well together and a third person standing there might not be beneficial. Maybe because it seems awkward it is a new face, or they aren't able to add value to the coffee conversations.

    Other shops that do have bar backs, are probably much busier. These shops probably have a flow and being able to handle the bar is not an easy task.

    For our shop everyone goes cashier -> food / drink building -> bar back -> bar pm -> bar am
    Labor budget is $500 a day, so I hope you don't cost that much haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLew View Post
    Hi Tony, I just quickly read your last response and I can guarantee you that 2-3 months of not making a single espresso in a shop is nothing many times it is much longer ten that. There is SO much to running these shops, I can probably guarantee that most of us didn't know how much it truly takes. I always have to kind of giggle a little because whenever we announce we are hiring I will always get " that would be perfect for me, to work an early morning shift, I LOVE getting up early" however.....when we hire you get nights and weekends and have to earn and prove yourself for the premium shifts, the shifts I trust my business to someone else for.........but people always think "it must be so fun"..... I would urge you (as stated Above) to seek training from your coffee roaster, they have tons of resources, and if they don't, choose a different roaster!

    Hi JLew,

    Thank you for your inputs! I will keep that in mind.

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    Tony, I agree with most of what has already been said. Hire consultants, go to trade shows, even check out Camp Pull-A-Shot. Take a look at The American Barista & Coffee School through Bellissimo, they are well respected people. Go interview for some part time work at a local shop. You are in Charlotte, Dilworth Coffee, Smelly Cat Coffee all come to mind there.

    What area of Charlotte are you looking to open your shop?


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