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    Prosperity POS : Mac POS releases new V2.4 of restaurant solution

    Prosperity POS v2.4 is now available. Our Mac POS restaurant application adds support for four new order types including two customizable Drive Thru options as well as “For Here” and “To Go.” When using Drive Thru order types, stations can be individually assigned to a specific drive thru. Active orders on the Home screen can now show a list of available orders for the designated drive thru.

    Version 2.4 also adds VAT (Value Added Tax) style taxation for businesses who use tax-inclusive item pricing. Using tax-inclusive pricing, prices on menu items as well as their modifiers will be assumed to include both the net cost of the item and the VAT tax itself. VAT tax summaries can now be listed at the end of receipts as well.

    There is also now an option to round transactions to nearest $0.05 to eliminate penny transactions in Canada and other countries who have phased out pennies and other similar denominations Other changes in v2.4 include an option to use over-sized text throughout the software, custom header/footer fields for receipts, and a dozens of other tweaks.

    Check out V2.4 for yourself for free by downloading the 30 day trial version:



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