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    Looking for Suggestions for Increasing Mid-Day and Evening Business

    Hi All:

    Looking for some ideas to boost sales and traffic in my drive thru coffee shop from 10 -2 and then after 6pm. I am in a commuter town so I am busy in the morning and after school has a nice little boost. I was inking of doing BOGO hot drink 10 - 2 and then maybe 20% off after 6. Thoughts? Ideas? Shop is located in frosty New England. Thanks.

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    Yes a "Happy Hour" might be a good idea... Also do you offer goodies or food? 10-2 is the perfect lunch crowd...

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    Hello Brendan,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website!

    If you could come up with some other ideas to pump up your mid-day business, it would be great. Hopefully some of our members will have some more suggestions for you.

    Discounting your coffee prices, just for certain times of the day, isn't a good idea. The 20% off after 6 pm idea probably won't work either. It just cheapens the customer's perception of your product. It's not worth the risk.

    Maybe offering a daily special (from 10-2) would work better. Something like hot cafe mochas or hot chocolate in the winter, and iced mochas or iced tea in the summer.

    If one were available, I would use a drive through for a good cup of hot soup between those hours, but that would lead you into a whole different direction.


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    Great idea, Rose.

    I also agree with WWCOVE that this sounds like the lunch crowd. While you're slowing down other places, that serve food, are picking up. Serving food is a huge commitment, requiring licensing (in most areas), keeping the products fresh, etc, but if you can find some ready-to-serve products that don't have freshness issues, like bakery items, you may be able to pick up some of the lunch crowds.

    Another ideas is to schedule some special events during those times, perhaps with local musical talents needing venues.

    The idea I like best is building a loyalty program for yourself and offer additional loyalty rewards during those times of the day when you are slowest. Unlike coupons, loyalty rewards do not lower your prices and don't devalue your brand. The rewards themselves can cost money, however you don't have to offer products / services which cost you a great deal, if any, money. Some of our clients allow customers who earn 1,000+ rewards points (and takes a while) to name their favorite coffee drink after themselves. "Jan's Caramel Esspresso", for example.

    Hope that helps.



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