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    how yours think about arristo coffee ?

    how yours think arristo coffee?

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    Andy, I guess you work for arristo company in singapore, correct?
    here is what I think.

    a. looking at your web, your company is very new, less than a year. And even your web is still under construction and about 80% of important information is missing.

    b. I am assuming that the coffee capsule machine you are selling is made in China somewhere. Still no specification and how to use..etc information lacking.

    c. for the coffee capsules, all the coffee aficionados know that it is just glorified-instant coffee, nothing more, nothing less.
    Below is what you claim in your web.

    The Beans, The Soul

    ARISSTO’s beans are the soul behind a cup of premium coffee. Sourcing coffee beans from the mounted areas of various countries including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Togo, Kenya and Ethiopia, we strive to find the best Arabica coffee beans for production. Possessing a strong taste and pleasant aroma, they make the perfect ingredient for an enchanting cup of coffee. Robusta coffee beans, which are even bitter, are also mixed with the Arabica beans in some of the ARISSTO signature packages so as to enrich the flavour

    I can guaranty you that there is NO SOUL behind capsules.
    And honestly to say, you can have Cupping world champion taste your capsuled coffee and he will never be able to tell it is from Guatemala, Kenya and so forth.
    It will taste more or less same. the only differences will come from how you roast.

    On the other hand, I like your web design. Classy and easy to navigate.
    However, if I were you, I would not send incomplete website nor capsule based machine web to anyone.
    kind of embarrassing in a way......

    Anyway, good luck with your ventures!

    PS: By the way, Togo only produces one of the worst Robusta beans in Africa. Better not to put it on your website.
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    thanks for comments, hopefully you can share more to me. i new here



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