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    Drive Up Coffee Shop - Bean Inventory Question from a Beginner

    So I am currently writing up my business plan for a drive up coffee shop. I am attempting to estimate how much I will initially spend on beans. Can anyone help with a monthly coffee and espresso cost, and maybe cups per day for a similar situation ( drive up with two serving windows). I appreciate any help.

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    I realize this post is a couple of months old now but as I am new to this forum (and nobody else has replied) I will give it a shot. I can only provide information on the supply side (i.e how much the beans will cost based on a rough estimate of what my company would sell bulk beans for). There are obviously many variables here so i'm not sure how worthwhile any of these estimates will be but here goes.

    The largest container we ship is a 5Gal drum (12lbs) of coffee. The recommended coffee strength is 2tbsp/6oz cup so some rough napkin math would give 500+ cups per Drum (or around 400 for an 8oz cup - which i believe is the smallest size something like starbucks sells). A drum from us would run $90-120 depending on the country of origin for the coffee (plus shipping). I honestly have no idea how many cups/day a new coffee shop could reasonably expect to sell. If we assume a 100 (again assuming its just 1 type of coffee bean) , thats about 2 drums a week or around $250 a week for the beans.



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