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    Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine

    Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine

    *The color sorter uses 5000+ high performances CCD sensors with resolution up to 0.01mm.

    *The sorter adopts high quality special industrial lenses designed and manufactured for color
    sorting .

    *With Efficient And Stable Software System, Intelligent Algorism, User Friendly Interface;
    *With Better Sorting Accuracy, Lower Carryover, And Bigger Production Capacity for Coffee Beans sorting, Black Beans sorting etc;
    *The high speed DSP technology provides the sorter with fast detection and high identification rate.The special coarse cereal detection algorithm is designed.

    *Master control system adopts ARM high-end embedded processor, effectively enhance control speed and color selection precision.
    *Overall unit adopts intelligent closed-loop control.
    *The operation interface adopts industrial grade 10-inch Capacitive screen and features simple parameters setting and easy operation.
    *High speed air valve is used to ensure quick response, low power consumption and long service life.
    *Sorters use intelligent temperature and air pressure control technology in order to ensure the best operative mode for the whole machine.
    *Failure alarm automation and modular construction makes easy repair.

    Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine-20181227191756igqh.jpg



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