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    FOR SALE: Probat G120

    Rebuilt G120 for sale. Still in the Process of finishing. Changing all motors to Direct Drive.

    Comes with:
    Roaster Cyclone
    New UL Manual Controller

    We can also supply the Afterburner if needed. Please Message for more info.

    Will Update when sold.

    Located in Hayward, CA

    FOR SALE:  Probat G120-thumbnail-38.jpegFOR SALE:  Probat G120-thumbnail-39.jpegFOR SALE:  Probat G120-thumbnail-37.jpegFOR SALE:  Probat G120-thumbnail-36.jpegFOR SALE:  Probat G120-thumbnail-35.jpeg

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    Hello Bjisla,

    I'm sure people will be asking a couple of questions, such as:

    How much are you asking for your Probat G120? Will shipping be included?

    Also, please post a message here when it is sold.

    ~ Thanks,

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    Yes you are right
    There are these questions in my mind as well



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