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    Hartanzah automatic coffee roasters cyclone.

    You need to see this.!! HARTANZAH automatic coffee roasters cyclone.

    Now you can clean your chaft only with your finger. So easy

    With HARTANZAH roasters automatic cyclone makes your cleaning routine become more simpler, only by pushing one button you can release the chaft bucket, no more traditional fastening methods. Again, this idea comes from you, and we make it happen!

    We also equipped our cyclone with a fire suppression system (Ivander series) is also one of many features standard that Hartanzah Roasters offer

    Some people say we did "too much" by putting temperature sensor, PID, and water suppression system on our cyclone. But after got serious roaster fires due to lack of chaft cleaning you will understand why we did it.

    On our Ivander series we put a water line hard-plumbed into its faceplate and chaff cyclone, and Danish series as optional. They're part of a long list of features that Hartanzah roasters offer to every roastmasters.

    Safety first guys. Spread this information to your friend, it will help them to protect their business.
    Call us for more detail

    HARTANZAH North America Phone +6472470450



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